Partner Visa

Partner Visa

Partner migration can be a complicated part of the law, and an immigration lawyer can prove essential in making sense of its various twists and turns. Immigration Lawyer Perth can assist you or your partner to get a visa so you don't have to be apart.

The process can involve acquiring a visa for an individual so that they can remain with their Australian spouse, fiancé, or partner (whether same or opposite sex).

A partner visa can allow someone to reside in Australia based on a spousal or de facto relationship. The partner needs to be an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

The process has two stages, with the first being an assessment of the couple. The second involves a more detailed evaluation of the authenticity of the relationship. An immigration lawyer can help file appeals in case either assessment stage fails.

Only eligible Australian citizens, New Zealand citizens, or permanent residents may sponsor a prospective partner.

There are other requirements in place, including an agreement to financial obligations related to taking up the sponsorship.

Immigration Lawyer Perth can assist you through the migration process so you can get your partner a visa.