Resident Return Visa

Return Resident Visa

The Resident Return visa, listed as subclasses 155 and 157 under Australian migration law, is for the use of non-citizen permanent residents.

The document allows them to leave and return to Australia for the validity period of the visa without being denied the right to entry. An expert will assist you to obtain a Resident Return visa.

The purpose of the permit is to allow you to remain in Australia indefinitely as a permanent resident. The document also carries a travel facility that lets you travel outside of Australia for up to five years after the date of issue.

If you need to reapply after that period, Immigration Lawyer Perth can assist you with process. Without this visa, you will not have the automatic right to entry upon return to Australia.

In general, people who hold permanent residency in Australia are allowed to remain indefinitely, but if you leave and return, you are only granted entry for the first five years.

If you intend to travel outside of Australia and return, the RRV is a necessity.

Immigration Lawyer Perth can assist you in acquiring these once the five-year period has expired, or if you fall into one of the other circumstances that merit an RRV.

Australian migration laws recognize other situations that require you to get an RRV. These other circumstances are:

  • Family members of a permanent resident that are traveling outside Australia
  • A former permanent resident with an expired visa
  • Former Australian citizens and either lost or renounced their citizenship

The application process typically takes three months, though this can take longer due to unforeseen difficulties. An immigration lawyer can help ease any troubles that arise, but it is still advisable that you apply for it several months before your intended travel date to be safe.